Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence

KVM is one of the best Science Schools of Sikar. Everybody who knows KVM says so. That is why I want that you should know your KVM through this booklet or by visiting KVM personally. The result summary of the school since its Foundation in 2009-2010 shows the successive growth of the school. The achievements in X Board results prove it the best school in Rajasthan, whereas the XII Board results prove it better than most other science schools of Sikar. What I want to say is that consistency in excellence cannot be by chance. It is the result of committed efforts. Further, I would like to tell you that KVM believes in transparency of results. We don’t manipulate the results by showing 89.40% as 90% or 94.83% as 95%. The result of XII is also of one stream, Science.
Our 100% focus is on Science. A student of VI to X class at KVM has the additional benefit of CLC Pre-Foundation course. The competition based atmosphere of CLC is also a bonus for XI, XII students at KVM. KVM is nourished by the wide experience. Finally, I would like to request you to study this booklet thoroughly, visit KVM or our website, know it fully, compare it with other schools and then decide. You will surely find us the most committed.

We at KVM know how to nourish and nurture the mind of sincere, dedicated and devoted students to make them finally crack the target. We always believe in standing by our beliefs and never resting on our laurels.

KVM Public School provides education in English (VI to XII) and Hindi (IX to XII) Mediums. It ranks in 2-3 top schools for X standard and one of the best schools for Having CLC as its mother institute.

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