Awards & Acheivements

Olympiad Awards

“Winners make a habit of creating positive expectation in advance”. Our Indigenous students have achieved by us.

Good Conduct Award

An award for good conduct (exemplary behaviour being helpful to teachers and classmates responsibility etc.) will be given.

Scholar Badge

At the and of the academies year, a child is awarded a scholar Badge for outstanding academic adherence cuts in all the learn exams.

100% attendance

At the end of the academic year a certificate / Medal /Badge will be awarded to students securing 100% attendance along with the final report Card.

Awards Academic Excellence

At the end of the academic year a child is awarded a certific.ate of merit for academic excellence (for overall outstanding achievements)

Classroom awards

Classroom awards are as recognition given to learners in each class. Awardees are given merit by the adviser and other subject teachers in recognition of the learners’ outstanding performance in class.

School Sports Awards

Our promising students have achieved various awards in different sports and added a feather to our cap. Sport Awards Include:- Under 17 winner in football.

Inspire Award

Student of RBSE block with the award every year with the submission of science projects.

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